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SurrealDB has been built from the ground up to be the ultimate database for developers who want to build tomorrow's applications. On this page you can keep track of what we have planned for SurrealDB.

If you have an idea for SurrealDB, then we would love to hear from you.

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SurrealDB roadmap

July 2022

SurrealDB 1.0-beta

The beta version of SurrealDB will support a large amount of functionality, with the ability to run in-memory, on a single node, or in a highly-available, highly-scalable distributed environment. A highly-performant query language will enable use of many different data types, and javascript functions can be used for more complex functions and triggers.

In-memory storage Single-node on-disk storage with support for multiple concurrent writers and readers Distributed highly-available storage SurrealQL advanced query language Schemafull or schemaless Embedded fields with arrays and objects Multi-table, multi-row ACID transactions Table field definitions and constraints Fully-defined type system with datetimes, decimals, durations, and geometry types Graph and nested field expressions Embedded JavaScript functions Pre-defined aggregate computed views Permissions, authentication and user scopes Support for 3rd party authentication REST API and WebSocket API Data import and export Command-line tool Support for amd64, arm64 on Linux and Darwin

July 2021

Codebase source made available

The decision is made to make the SurrealDB sourcecode public, making it available to other developers and organisations. Having learnt a great deal about building a future-ready database, the decision is made to re-build SurrealDB using Rust, in order to enforce data sharing guarantees.

July 2017

SurrealDB is used within a Software-as-a-Service system for the first time, offering a complete Backend-as-a-Service for realtime, collaborative applications, with support for structured and unstructured datasets, and relational, document, and graph querying semantics.

February 2016

Development begins on SurrealDB with the intention of creating a scalable cloud graph database, built using Golang.

September 2015

Conceptualisation and planning for the SurrealDB database requirements begins. Inspiration for SurrealDB features were taken from a range of databases including MySQL, OrientDB, CouchDB, InfluxDB, DynamoDB, MongoDB, RethinkDB, CockroachDB, Neo4j, and Firebase.

June 2015

After years of building cloud-based Software-as-a-Service systems, with realtime APIs, complicated security permissions, and multiple separate database backends, Tobie questions whether there is a platform for building and scaling applications quicker, while still allowing for the storage and querying of data in a structured yet flexible manner.


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