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SurrealDB Documentation

SurrealDB makes building and scaling realtime apps dramatically quicker and easier. Get started by installing the server , and jump into our getting started guide to learn how to insert and query data in SurrealDB in minutes.

To quickly test out SurrealDB and SurrealQL functionality, we've included demo dataset which you can download and import into your SurrealDB instance.

The current version of SurrealDB is ...


Get started with SurrealDB - understand the core concepts, features, releases, and frequently asked questions.


Learn how to install SurrealDB, and get started with running a single-node database or distributed cluster.


Learn how to deploy SurrealDB to different environments.


Understand how to secure your application, using the different authentication levels available in SurrealDB.


Learn how to embed and query SurrealDB from within a Rust, Node.js, JavaScript, or Python application.


View the documentation for connecting to and querying SurrealDB from different languages and frameworks.


Learn about the SurrealQL data model, and how to define schemas, query the database, manipulate data, and run functions.

CLI tool

View the commands that can be run with the command-line tool, including starting a server, and importing and exporting data.


View some of the frequently asked questions regarding SurrealDB, SurrealQL, and SurrealKV.


Connect your application to your database with one of our official libraries. The following libraries are officially supported by SurrealDB. They are actively maintained, support new SurrealDB features, and receive bug fixes, performance enhancements, and security patches.

Server side libraries

Rust Available

Node.js Available

Golang Available

Deno Available

Python Available

C Coming soon

Java Available

Ruby Coming soon

PHP Coming soon

Swift Coming soon

R Coming soon

.NET Coming soon

Dart Coming soon

Erlang Coming soon

Client side libraries

JavaScript Available

Ember.js Coming soon

React.js Coming soon

Angular Coming soon

Vue.js Coming soon

Next.js Coming soon

Nuxt.js Coming soon

Nest.js Coming soon

Svelte Coming soon

Flutter Coming soon