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Version: 1.2.x

Run an in memory server

Run a single-node, in-memory server

For the purposes of getting started with SurrealDB quickly, we will start an in-memory database which does not persist data on shutdown. This database is great for development and testing.

surreal start memory

The default logging level for the database server is info, resulting in any informational logs to be output to the standard output. To control the logging verbosity, specify the --log argument. The following command starts the database with trace level logging, resulting in most logs being output to the terminal.

surreal start --log trace memory

In order to keep SurrealDB secure, enable auth and configure your initial root-level user by setting the --user and --pass command-line arguments. The following command starts the database with a top-level user named root with a password also set to root.

surreal start --log trace --auth memory

The previous command will bootstrap the server with the provided initial credentials, you can now remove those args and rely on DEFINE USER to change the password or create more users.

surreal start --log trace --auth memory

In order to change the default port that SurrealDB uses for web connections and from database clients you can use the --bind argument. The following command starts the database on port 8080.

surreal start --log trace --user root --pass root --bind memory

After running the above command, you should see the SurrealDB server startup successfully.

surreal start --user root --pass root --bind memory
2023-08-30T15:06:34.788739Z INFO surreal::dbs: ✅🔒 Authentication is enabled 🔒✅
2023-08-30T15:06:34.788821Z INFO surrealdb::kvs::ds: Starting kvs store in memory
2023-08-30T15:06:34.788859Z INFO surrealdb::kvs::ds: Started kvs store in memory
2023-08-30T15:06:34.789222Z INFO surrealdb::kvs::ds: Initial credentials were provided and no existing root-level users were found: create the initial user 'root'.
2023-08-30T15:06:35.205123Z INFO surrealdb::node: Started node agent
2023-08-30T15:06:35.205827Z INFO surrealdb::net: Started web server on

For details on the different commands available, visit the CLI tool documentation.