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Documentation SurrealQL


SurrealQL is a powerful database query language which closely resembles traditional SQL, but with slight differences and improvements. Although it has similar syntax and similar statement types, there are a number of differences between traditional SQL and SurrealQL.

For an overview of the various statement types which can be run in SurrealDB, and for the complete syntax definitions, along with example queries for all of the different statement types, take a look at the statements page.

Demo data

Test out SurrealQL with our demo data

Data model

View the numerous different data types which are supported in SurrealQL


Detailed instructions and examples on all of the different SurrealQL statements


In-built functions for checking, manipulating, and working with different types of data


Numerous in-built operators can be used for simple and advanced value comparison


Parameters can be used like variables to store a other values and query results


Use transactions to group statements together which either succeed or fail as a whole


See how to write comments in SurrealQL