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August 13, 2022

Release v1.0.0-beta.6

  • Add command-line SurrealQL REPL for quick querying of a database
  • Log username at server startup when root authentication is enabled
  • Enable SurrealDB server to be configured using environment variables
  • Implement config definition key and value caching within a transaction
  • Add array::sort functions for sorting of arrays and array fields
  • Ensure an error is returned when selecting from a non-existent table in strict mode
  • Allow polymorphic remote record constraints in DEFINE FIELD statements
  • Fix bug with SQL export, where DEFINE INDEX statements were not exported
  • Fix bug where multi-yield path expressions with multiple alias outputs were returning nested arrays
  • Fix bug where aliased field was not output when fetching a multi-yield expressions with a final alias yield

SurrealDB REPL

SurrealDB now supports the ability to start a command-line REPL to query a local or remote database from the terminal.

user@localhost % surreal sql --conn http://localhost:8000 --user root --pass root --ns test --db test

Thank you!

August 5, 2022

Thank you!

Thank you to our SurrealDB stargazers for helping us pass 100 GitHub stars! It’s early days, but we greatly appreciate it!

SurrealDB on Reddit Rust

August 20, 2022

SurrealDB on Reddit Rust

Thank you for all the comments, feedback and support on the SurrealDB post on [Reddit's Rust subreddit]( We are honoured to have made the 🔥 'Hot' list.

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