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August 1, 2022

Release v1.0.0-beta.5

  • Temporarily disable HTTP response compression
  • Improve surreal import and surreal export cli commands
  • Fix bug where GROUP BY fields with an alias AS name were not output correctly
  • Fix SQL syntax parsing bug when specifying DEFINE INDEX statements with UNIQUE

Release v1.0.0-beta.4

July 28, 2022

Release v1.0.0-beta.4

Add new strict mode to SurrealDB server, ensure default table permissions are set to <code>NONE</code> not <code>FULL</code>, and more...

Why use SurrealDB?

August 3, 2022

Why use SurrealDB?

SurrealDB is an innovative NewSQL cloud database, suitable for serverless applications, jamstack applications, single-page applications, and traditional applications. It is unmatched in its versatility and financial value, with the ability for deployment on cloud, on-premise, embedded, and edge computing environments.

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