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October 1, 2022

Release v1.0.0-beta.8


  • Improve HTTP request error messages
  • Add support for dynamic expressions in Record IDs
  • Add support for PERMISSIONS clauses to be separated by commas or spaces
  • Allow deep-merging in UPDATE ... MERGE statements
  • Add debug and trace logging for authentication attempts
  • Make validation and parsing functions more robust with certain edge cases
  • Ignore empty or blank lines when using the SurrealDB SQL REPL
  • Use a dedicated executor thread for CPU-intensive functions
  • Ensure server listens to, and gracefully exits, on SIGINT/SIGTERM signals
  • Add duration functions for calculating durations as specific units
  • Add support for calculating the duration between two datetime values
  • Improve error message when automatically creating a table without authorization
  • Add support for uppercase and lowercase object keys in JWT authentication tokens
  • Allow namespaced claim aliases in JWT token using full domain-specific key names
  • Add support for retrieving JWT authentication token contents using $token parameter
  • Add support for different content return types on /signup and /signin HTTP routes
  • Add session::token() function for retrieving the contents of the JWT authentication token
  • Ensure NONE and NULL values are not automatically cast to another type when updating records
  • Add /health HTTP endpoint for checking the database and data storage engine status
  • Add crypto::bcrypt::generate() and crypto::bcrypt::compare() functions
  • Improve error messages for unique indexes, when inserting records which already exist in the index
  • Add meta::tb() and meta::id() functions for retrieving separate parts of a SurrealDB Record ID
  • Add support for using 3rd party authentication JWTs with DEFINE TOKEN ... ON SCOPE ...

Bug fixes

  • Add support for escaped characters and unicode characters in strings
  • Ensure datetimes work correctly in Eastern timezones
  • Ensure is::uuid() parses valid UUIDs correctly
  • Ensure LET statements throw errors correctly on failure
  • Ensure Record IDs are parsed correctly when defined as a string
  • Fix bug where escaped characters were not supported in regex values
  • Ensure datetimes with milliseconds or nanoseconds are parsed correctly
  • Ensure datetimes with partial timezones are correctly calculated
  • Ensure time::month() returns the month of the specified datetime
  • Ensure FETCH clauses fetch the respective data correctly
  • Handle connection errors properly when WebSocket clients disconnect improperly
  • Ensure HTTP session is not verified multiple times when requesting an invalid HTTP route
  • Use Accept header instead of Content-Type header for client content negotiation
  • Fix key scan range iteration in RocksDB, which caused SurrealDB to randomly crash
  • Ensure authenticated session data is stored after successful scope signup / signin
  • Fix bug where http functions would panic when an invalid URI was specified
  • Ensure correct transaction type (optimistic / pessimistic) was initiated when using TiKV distributed storage engine
  • Ensure math::mean(), math::median(), and math::sqrt() work correctly with empty or zero values
  • Fix bug where MultiPoint, MultiLine, and MultiPolygon geometry values were not formatted correctly
  • Fix bug where defined fields with empty values would be set on the root object, losing the object structure

Performance improvements

  • Miscellaneous performance optimizations and code cleanup
  • Limit maximum allowed runtime and memory in JavaScript functions
  • Ensure crypto and rand functions do not allow unbounded resource usage
  • Ensure read-only transactions are used when write functionality is not needed when using TiKV distributed storage engine

Embedding subquery results

SurrealDB now allows you to use the resulting Record IDs of a subquery, and embed them within another record, without having to specify the id field specifically.

// It is now possible to define a new Record ID as normal
LET $friend = (CREATE person SET name = 'Jaime');
// There is no need to select the `id` field using `$`
CREATE person SET name = 'Tobie', friend = $friend;

Using specific Record IDs

SurrealDB now supports the ability to set a specific reocrd ID in the record content itself when creating records using CREATE and RELATE statements.

// It is now possible to define a new Record ID as normal
CREATE person:test SET name = 'Tobie';
// Or by specifying the Record ID within the record data part of the query
CREATE person SET id = person:test, name = 'Tobie';
// In addition the ID can be specified in a CONTENT object
CREATE person CONTENT { id: person:test, name: 'Tobie' };
// Numbers can be used, and will be converted into a Record ID
CREATE user CONTENT { id: 1, name: 'Robert' };
// Strings can be used, and will be converted into a Record ID
CREATE city CONTENT { id: 'London', name: 'London' };
// UUIDs can be used, and will be converted into a Record ID
CREATE city CONTENT { id: '8e60244d-95f6-4f95-9e30-09a98977efb0', name: 'London' };
// Complex values can be used, and will be converted into a Record ID
CREATE temperature CONTENT { id: ['London', time::now()], name: 'London' };
// Complex values can be used, and will be converted into a Record ID
RELATE person:tobie->knows->person:jaime SET id = knows:cofounder;

Support for deep-merge record updates

SurrealDB now supports deep-merging record changes, ensuring that only specified object fields are modified and overwritten.

// Create a record
CREATE person:test SET name.initials = 'TMH', name.first = 'Tobie', name.last = 'Morgan Hitchcock';
// Use the MERGE clause to deep merge objects, without overwriting any fields
UPDATE person:test MERGE {
  name: {
    title: 'Mr',
    initials: NONE,
  tags: ['Rust', 'Golang', 'JavaScript'],

Dynamic expressions in Record IDs

Complex Record IDs now support dynamic expressions, allowing parameters, and function expressions to be used as values within the IDs. This is useful in a timeseries context, or for ensuring locality between specific records in a table.

// Set a new parameter
LET $now = time::now();
// Create a record with a complex ID using an array
CREATE temperature:['London', $now] SET
  location = 'London',
  date = $now,
  temperature = 23.7
// Create a record with a complex ID using an object
CREATE temperature:{ location: 'London', date: $now } SET
  location = 'London',
  date = $now,
  temperature = 23.7
// Select a range of records up to the current time
SELECT * FROM temperature:['London', '2022-08-29T08:03:39']..['London', time::now()];


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