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Documentation SurrealQL Statements


SurrealDB has a large number of different SurrealQL statements for inserting, updating, deleting, working with graph data, and for configuring the database. View detailed information and examples on how to use each statement type below.

USE statement

Used to switch to a different namespace or database

LET statement

Used to set and store values which can be used in queries

BEGIN statement

Used to mark the beginning of a group of statements in a transaction

CANCEL statement

Used to cancel the execution of a group of statements within a transaction

COMMIT statement

Used to apply a group of statements within a transaction to the database

IF ELSE statement

Used to conditionally perform operations on the database

SELECT statement

Used for selecting and querying data in a database

INSERT statement

Used to insert or update data into the database

CREATE statement

Used to add records to the database

UPDATE statement

Used to update or modify records in the database

RELATE statement

Used to generate graph edges between two records in the database

DELETE statement

Used to delete records from the database

DEFINE statement

Used to declare database rules, schemas, events and more

REMOVE statement

Used to remove resources such as databases, tables, indexes, events and more

INFO statement

Outputs information for a specified resource

SLEEP statement

Delays or pauses in the execution of a query or a batch