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Documentation SurrealQL Demo data

Demo data

To quickly test out SurrealDB and SurrealQL functionality, we've included demo data here in .surql files which you can download and import into SurrealDB using the CLI

Surreal Deal - deals so good it's surreal!

Surreal Deal is a demo dataset based on a simplified e-commerce platform that sells artwork.
The dataset is made up of 8 tables using both graph relations and record links:
person, order, product, review, artist, create, avg_product_review, daily_sales.

In the diagram below, the nodes in pink are the standard tables, the ones in purple represent the edge tables which shows relationships between records and SurrealDB as a graph database. While the nodes in gray are the pre-computed table views

This image shows how the 8 tables are related to each other

Dowload and import

Download the dataset here, then start the server and use the import command to add the dataset from your "Downloads" folder. Please be aware that the import process might take a few seconds.

user@localhost % surreal import --conn http://localhost:8000 --user root --pass root --ns test --db test downloads/surreal_deal_v1.surql