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Documentation SurrealQL Data model Numbers


In SurrealDB, numbers can be one of three types: 64-bit integers, 64-bit floating point numbers, or 128-bit decimal numbers.

Integer numbers

If a numeric value is specified without a decimal point and is within the range -9223372036854775808 to 9223372036854775807 then the value will be parsed, stored, and treated as a 64-bit integer.

CREATE event SET year = 2022;

Floating point numbers

If a number value is specified with a decimal point, or is outside of the maximum range specified above, then the number will automatically be parsed, stored, and treated as a 64-bit floating point value. This ensures efficiency when performing mathematical calculations within SurrealDB.

CREATE event SET temperature = 41.5;

Decimal numbers

To opt into 128-bit decimal numbers when specifying numeric values, you can use the dec suffix.

CREATE product SET price = 99.99dec;

Using a specific numeric type

To use a specific type when specifying numeric values, you can cast the value to a specific numeric type or use the appropriate suffix.

	year = <int> 2022,
	temperature = <float> 41.5 + 5f,
	horizon = <decimal> 31 + 3dec

Numeric precision

Different numeric types can be compared and used together in calculations.

The benefits of floating point numeric values are speed and storage size, but there is a limit to the numeric precision.

RETURN 13.5719384719384719385639856394139476937756394756;

In addition, when using floating point numbers specifically, mathematical operations can result in a loss of precision (as is normal with other databases).

RETURN 0.3 + 0.3 + 0.3 + 0.1;

Common rounding errors can be avoided by performing calculations using decimals.

RETURN 0.3dec + 0.3dec + 0.3dec + 0.1dec;

Mathematical constants

A set of floating point numeric constants are available in SurrealDB. Constant names are case insensitive, and can be specified with either lowercase or capital letters, or a mixture of both.

CREATE circle SET radius = circumference / ( 2 * MATH::PI );
Constant Value
MATH::E 2.718281828459045
MATH::FRAC_1_PI 0.3183098861837907
MATH::FRAC_1_SQRT_2 0.7071067811865476
MATH::FRAC_2_PI 0.6366197723675814
MATH::FRAC_2_SQRT_PI 1.1283791670955126
MATH::FRAC_PI_2 1.5707963267948966
MATH::FRAC_PI_3 1.0471975511965979
MATH::FRAC_PI_4 0.7853981633974483
MATH::FRAC_PI_6 0.5235987755982989
MATH::FRAC_PI_8 0.39269908169872414
MATH::LN_10 2.302585092994046
MATH::LN_2 0.6931471805599453
MATH::LOG10_2 0.3010299956639812
MATH::LOG10_E 0.4342944819032518
MATH::LOG2_10 3.321928094887362
MATH::LOG2_E 1.4426950408889634
MATH::PI 3.141592653589793
MATH::SQRT_2 1.4142135623730951
MATH::TAU 6.283185307179586

Next steps

You've now seen how to use numeric values in SurrealDB. For more advanced functionality, take a look at the operators and math functions, which enable advanced calculations on numeric values and sets of numeric values.