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Documentation Introduction


Understand the core concepts that make up SurrealDB, the features which are built into SurrealDB, or coming in the future, changelogs and notes for the different SurrealDB release versions, and frequently asked questions regarding SurrealDB.

Quick start

Getting up-and-running on SurrealDB is intended to be fast and easy. View this guide to get started quickly.


Get an overview of the different concepts and terminologies which make up SurrealDB.


View a summary of all of the features built into SurrealDB, alongside those fueatures planned.


View the release notes, new additions, fixes, and improvements for the different versions of SurrealDB.


View some of the frequently asked questions regarding SurrealDB, SurrealQL, and SurrealKV.


Find details regarding the design choices, limits and architecture decisions that make up SurrealDB.