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Documentation Installation Install on Linux

Linux icon Install on Linux

Use this tutorial to install SurrealDB on Linux or Unix operating systems using the SurrealDB install script. Both the SurrealDB Database Server and the SurrealDB Command Line Tool are packaged and distributed as a single executable file, which is easy to install, and easy to uninstall.

Installing SurrealDB using the install script

To get started, you can use the SurrealDB install script. This script securely downloads the latest version for the platform and CPU type. It attempts to install SurrealDB into the /usr/local/bin folder, falling back to a user-specified folder if necessary.

user@localhost % curl -sSf | sh

Updating SurrealDB

To ensure that you are using the latest version, update SurrealDB to version ... using the following command.

user@localhost % curl -sSf | sh

Checking SurrealDB

Once installed, you can run the SurrealDB command-line tool by using the surreal command. To check whether the install was successful run the following command in your terminal.

user@localhost % surreal help

The result should look similar to the output below, confirming that the SurrealDB command-line tool was installed successfully.

Example output for the command
 .d8888b.                                             888 8888888b.  888888b.
d88P  Y88b                                            888 888  'Y88b 888  '88b
Y88b.                                                 888 888    888 888  .88P
 'Y888b.   888  888 888d888 888d888  .d88b.   8888b.  888 888    888 8888888K.
	'Y88b. 888  888 888P'   888P'   d8P  Y8b     '88b 888 888    888 888  'Y88b
	  '888 888  888 888     888     88888888 .d888888 888 888    888 888    888
Y88b  d88P Y88b 888 888     888     Y8b.     888  888 888 888  .d88P 888   d88P
 'Y8888P'   'Y88888 888     888      'Y8888  'Y888888 888 8888888P'  8888888P'

SurrealDB command-line interface and server

To get started using SurrealDB, and for guides on connecting to and building applications
on top of SurrealDB, check out the SurrealDB documentation (

If you have questions or ideas, join the SurrealDB community (

If you find a bug, submit an issue on Github (

We would love it if you could star the repository (


	surreal [SUBCOMMAND]

	-h, --help    Print help information

	start      Start the database server
	backup     Backup data to or from an existing database
	import     Import a SQL script into an existing database
	export     Export an existing database into a SQL script
	version    Output the command-line tool version information
	sql        Start an SQL REPL in your terminal with pipe support
	help       Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)