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Documentation Command-line tool Import command

Import command

The import command imports a SurrealQL script file into a local or remote SurrealDB database server.

Make sure you’ve installed SurrealDB — it should only take a second!

Command options

Argument Description
-c / --conn Optional Sets the url of the database server to connect to

Default is

-u / --user Required Sets the root, namespace, or database user
-p / --pass Required Sets the password for the specified user
--ns Required Sets the desired namespace into which to import data
--db Required Sets the desired database into which to import data
Positional argument
Argument Description
file Required Sets the path to the file which should be imported

Example usage

To perform a SurrealQL database import from a local file, in a terminal run the surreal import command with the required arguments.

user@localhost % surreal import --conn http://localhost:8000 --user root --pass root --ns test --db test downloads/surreal_deal_v1.surql
[2022-07-28 15:50:34] INFO  surrealdb::cli The SQL file was imported successfully

Command help

To see the help information and usage instructions, in a terminal run the surreal import --help command without any further arguments. This command gives general information on the arguments, inputs, and additional options for the import command.

user@localhost % surreal import --help
Import a SurrealQL script into an existing database

    surreal import [OPTIONS] <file>

    <file>    Path to the sql file to import

    -c, --conn <conn>    Remote database server url to connect to [default:]
        --db <db>        The database to import the data into
    -h, --help           Print help information
        --ns <ns>        The namespace to import the data into
    -p, --pass <pass>    Database authentication password to use when connecting [default: root]
    -u, --user <user>    Database authentication username to use when connecting [default: root]