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February 28, 2023

Welcome Alexander Fridriksson!

We are thrilled to announce that Alexander Fridriksson has joined SurrealDB!

Alexander has a wealth of experience in the data space ranging from consulting, training and coaching in both data visualisation and data engineering. Formerly of and dbt Labs, Alexander is looking forward to helping the community uncover SurrealDB’s full potential as a Data Evangelist, including looking at large datasets, performance benchmarking and comparisons, and advanced data visualisation techniques.

Announcing SurrealDB 1.0

September 18, 2023

Announcing SurrealDB 1.0

At SurrealDB World, we’re excited to launch SurrealDB 1.0, a revolution in the database technology landscape. With this stable release, we're not just introducing a database; we're redefining the essence of how databases function and integrate with your projects.

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