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May 18, 2022

Product roadmap is LIVE!

We're excited to share with you SurrealDB's product roadmap ! You can now keep track of what we have planned for SurrealDB, and see the features and functionality which has already been implemented.

June 2022

SurrealDB 1.0-beta.1

The first development version of SurrealDB will support a large amount of functionality, with the ability to run in-memory or in a highly-available, highly-scalable distributed environment. A highly-performant query language will enable use of many different data types, and javascript functions can be used for more complex functions and triggers.

  • In-memory storageIn-memory storage
  • Distributed highly-available storage
  • SurrealQL advanced query language
  • Schemafull or schemaless
  • Embedded fields with arrays and objects
  • Multi-table, multi-row ACID transactions
  • Table field definitions and constraints
  • Fully-defined type system with datetimes, decimals, durations, and geometry types
  • Graph and nested field expressions
  • Embedded avascript functions
  • Permissions, authentication and user scopes
  • Support for 3rd party authentication
  • REST API and WebSocket API
  • Data import and export
  • Command-line tool
  • Support for amd64, arm64 on Linux and Darwin
  • WebAssembly + Javascript + Golang + Rust client libraries


Planned July 2022

SurrealDB 1.0-beta.2

The second development release of SurrealDB will add support for foreign table aggregate computed views, and foreign links between tables with support for cascading updates and delete restrictions. In addition highly-performant on-disk storage can be used, offering ACID transaction guarantees with multiple concurrent writers and readers, and efficient in-memory data storage.

  • Single-node on-disk storage
  • Pre-defined aggregate computed views
  • Record link definitions and constraints
  • Node.js + Python + Deno client libraries


Planned September 2022

SurrealDB 1.0!!!

If you have an idea for SurrealDB, then we would love to hear from you.


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May 21, 2022

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A man of very few words, except on the subject of databases. With 15 years experience as a full-stack software engineer, Tobie has developed and consulted on numerous cloud-based architectures and platforms - with a focus on distributed databases and highly-available architectures.

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